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Beautiful nails are perhaps the dream of every woman

There is a wide variety of modelling techniques to conjure wonderful nails according to the individual requirements of all women - employment , hobbies,  habits and so on . Truscada brings a new insight into the modelling of nails. Quality products will help you to care for your customer's  nails, and that includes not only their artificial but also their natural nail, and all this based on the latest trends and knowledge.

We follow the trends in nail modeling

The trends of  how the finished nail should look like changes all the time, however in the last few years even the artificial nails appearance have changed and they have become more natural-looking with a perfect finish .

We put emphasis not only on the quality and price of the gel , but also on the design of the  packaging , which is not only attractive , but its shape simplifies the  handling of the gel. Let's be honest. Don't we all like a nice and elegant looking packaging of the products we buy? Give your customers something nice to look at (before their nails are finished of course) when they walk into your salon, or when you visit them at home.

High quality and attractive price

Gels are developed in  highly specialized laboratories  and designed by our highly qualified team.  The high quality of our products is maintained while the cost of it is not astronomical.

Now you only need to try for  yourself.

 Follow the new trends,  keep your customers happy and at the same time keep your costs down! Sound good to me!