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Gel polish 3in1 and 2in1

GEL-LAK PLUS & COLOR EFFECT GEL-POLISH  brings new beautiful vibrant pastel colours together with a choice of metallic and effect colours and at the same time our Gel-Lak Plus range offers a perfect care for natural nails ALL in one gel. The unique composition allows a combination of gel and acrylic system.

  • Wonderful  colours
  • PERFECT COVER in 1 layer
  • Gels can be combined with  Acrylics
  • USE 3 IN 1 and  2 IN 1
  • Does not leak into the nail bed
  • Self-levelling properties
  • Does not crack and peel off
  • FRIENDLY to your nails
  • Simplicity and speedy work
  • Naturally thin
  • Durability around 4 weeks

APPLICATION: GEL-LAK PLUS COLOUR & EFFECT (colour gel-polish) can be applied as a gel-coat 3in1 or 2in 1: Gently remove the shine of  the natural nail with a fine block.Apply  GEL- LAK PLUS in a thin layer and allow to harden in the lamp 3 min. Dont forget to fix it on the tip of the nail. Wipe with the cleaner to obtain gloss. To obtain the metallic gloss and glitter colours apply GEL-LAK PLUS PROTECT & SHINE gel-coat and let cure in UV or LED lamp. Use cleaner to remove the sticky layer.

TIP: If the natural nail hasnt got a perfect shape, as a first layer, apply builder gel GEL-LAK PLUS PERFECT SHAPE to achieve the required shape.With this builder gel you can extend the nail bed by using the nail forms.

GEL-LAK  PLUS PERFECT SHAPE builder  two-phase gel-polish is used to achieve the perfect shape of the nail as well as a basis for all GEL-LAK PLUS-gel coatings. Excellent for creating beautiful French manicure. Its gentle composition protects and strenghtens the nail. Great for nail forms

GEL-LAK PLUS Protect & Shine High gloss and increased protection in a gel-polish Used as a last layer and gives nail shine and protects it from the daily mechanical and chemical wear. The unique gloss can  last for about four weeks. This exceptional finishing gel can also be used with acrylics  or acrylic colours.