FUNGIAN 10ml ( Antifungal preparation )

FUNGIAN 10ml ( Antifungal preparation )

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Proven product for nail fungus!! Professional product designed to treat and prevent nail fungus. The active ingredient breaks up the fungal cells, thus prevents their multiplication and growth.

A professional anti-fungal product should be used before any nail treatment! Fungian serves as an active protection against
fungal nail diseases.

Its active substance acts in the form of the breakdown of fungal cells, thus preventing their multiplication and growth.

This unique product is used as a supportive treatment for fungal diseases of the nails not only on the hands but also on the feet.

Usage: apply onto the affected area 3 times daily for 1 month. Let this area grow out.
As prevention: apply to the nail prior to modeling.
packing 10 ml


( mold , mildew , mycosis , fungus , cells , desease )

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