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HOME CARE – Pure balance treatment

HOME CARE – Pure balance treatment

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Silky and proactive mixture of oils TEE TREE & LAVENDER supplemented by vitamine A and vitamine E.


Extraordinary TEE TREE oil has excellent antibacterial and antiseptic features that help in the struggle againist mold and bacteria. A huge advantage is calming effect on dry and tetchy skin that can be result of the allergy on gel products. Thanks to at least 150 organic elements forms strong active barrier which reduces risk of occurance of fungal deseases and bacteria on the hands and feet, especially in the summer season. The results prove its positive impact in creation of new skin cells and also in calming down the uncomfortable techty skin. It has strong disinfectant effect and is higly recommended for already existing fungal deseases, infection, tetchy skin and small wounds.


LAVENDER oil protects from toxins, dirt, chemicals and has many positive effects on skin just like TEE TREE oil. It supports collagen synthesis that helps small wounds, hangnails or blisters to heal faster. The process of healing bacteria, mold and mycosis is also much faster what effectively prevents spreading of infection and relieves pain.


Vitamine A helps to create necessary collagen and provides efficient UV protection. Improves skin inflammation resistance. Lack of vitamine A can lead to more frequent infection and to worsening of already existing inflammation.


Vitamine E provides skin with the necessary regeneration and deep nourishing hydration. Especially suitable for very dry and sensitive skin, thus supporitng its vitality. Vitamine E has firming effect that strengthens skin resistance thanks to what the skin doesn`t pop and remains flexible.



  • Natural antifungal.
  • Prevention from mold, fungus and mycosis of the nails.
  • Regeneration of wounds after inflammation, hangnails and alergy.
  • Local suppression of painful places on cuticle.
  • Barrier againist bacteria and virus.
  • Antibacterial and antiseptic effect.
  • Contains Vitamine A and Vitamine E.
  • Protection againist free radicals.

Packing: 10ml

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