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INNOVA Poly System Nude – 50ml

INNOVA Poly System Nude – 50ml

In stock

This system represents a revolutionary change in nail modeling.

There is a unique combination of gel elasticity and acrylic hardness.
The whole system greatly reduces modeling time.
Unlike acrylic, this system is odorless.
It is extremely stable because it has no self-leveling properties, which is excellent in controlling modeling around the nail bed.
Unlike acrylic, it hardens only under LEDs and UV lamps, so time and modeling can be controlled according to your vision.
INNOVA Poly system is more flexible than acrylic, but harder than the hardest gel.
Excellently keeps the shape of the nail after curing.
Thanks to the ideal elasticity we do not strike in the case of strong impact, like acrylic.
Due to special ingredients, it is not sticky as a gel after curing.
Color shades are designed to create the most natural look.
To create new shades it is possible to mix with the pigments to achieve different ranges.
No additional fluid is required for the job, only TRUSCADA Cleaner.
It is not necessary to model the underlying gel. Just use the fluid to attach the Miracle base.

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