Luxury Fine Peeling 260g

Luxury Fine Peeling 260g

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Luxury Fine Peeling 260g

Luxury Fine Peeling for hands, feet and body is a source of natural oils and butters. It removes the dead skin softly and effectively and also renews the skin regeneration process. It contains essential fatty acids and natural antioxidant tokoferol (great for skin regeneration). Soft Bamboo exfoliator gently removes the dead skin, therethrough helps active substances to penetrate into the deeper layers. It’s also appropriate for diabetics, for eczems and lepriasis. After application is the skin well perfused and skin metabolism is regenerated.

Active natural substances:

Mango butter, Shea Butter, Macadamia Oil, Camelina sativa oil, Bamboo exfoliator


Application hands ml/g: 3,5

Price for hand cure:0,27 €

Application feet ml/g: 5,5

Price for feet cure:0,42 €

Application back+neck ml/g:10

Price for back+neck cure:0,77 €

Package: 260g

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