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RED nail starter set

RED nail starter set

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Set for home use composed of professional TRUSCADA products. Several years of experience from professional salons have motivated us to create a UV / LED gel varnish system of the latest generation, which represents comfortable use not only in salons but also for home use. Safe and long-lasting manicure for up to 21 days.


FUNGIAN 10 ml Professional anti-fungal product should be used before any nail treatment! Fungian serves as an active protection against fungal nail diseases. Its active substance acts in the form of the breakdown of fungal cells, thus preventing their multiplication and growth. This unique product is used as well as support in the treatment of fungal nail diseases not only on the hands but also on the feet.

MIRACLE BASE 8ml Miracle Base is a professional liquid from the Prestige line for nail preparation before using gels and gels. Extreme quality primer that ensures perfect adhesion of the UV gel.

RUBBER BASE 8ml The unique 100% safe crystal clear base guarantees perfect adhesion of the gel to the nail plate. The unique composition without dangerous substances and solvents keeps nails healthy and strong. Thanks to the special composition, the rubber base guarantees extra strong adhesion and long-lasting nails without chipping and bubbles even in a thin layer. It is flexible and therefore suitable for problematic nails.

COLOR MUSTANG 8ml Beautiful deep red shade of color is evenly and easily applied. It does not flow into the nail bed. It is applied in 2 thin layers.

NO WIPE 8ml Non-effluent finishing gel of first-class quality. It creates a beautiful long-lasting shine on the nails. It is applied in one thin layer.

PERFUMED OIL 10ML Sensual and luxurious perfume in combination with oil forms a perfect and sensual nail oil. The wonderful scents in accordance with the nourishing oils enrich the nails with vitamins and minerals. Oils have strong nourishing and regenerating properties. They contain a number of natural antioxidants that revitalize the skin.

CLEANER 100ML Professional high-efficiency degreaser used in the application of gels.

LED LAMP Mini UV / LED Lamp 36W for home use.

FILES Professional files 100/100 and 180/240 grit are used for easier nail treatment. They are made of the highest quality Japanese AAA paper.

BLOCK 100/100 Extra suitable for finishing natural or artificial nails.

SLBR1 brush – fine brush for line correction.

Sponge 180/240 – fine sponge for finishing nails. Extra fine.

Cellulose wadding – cotton 12-layer squares.


Procedure for applying TRUSCADA KIT UV / LED gel varnish.


Apply the set on cleansed natural nails.
Gently sand the natural nails with a block or sponge so that they become dull.
Gently push the cuticle on the nails, or gently cut it off with manicure scissors. Make sure that the nails around the cuticle are clean and smooth. Insufficient treatment can lead to insufficient adhesion of the material to the nail plate.
Apply alcohol – Cleaner to the cotton swab and remove excess dust, dirt and debris.
We apply Fungian antibacterial fluid, which is a prevention against the formation of fungi, on the natural nails prepared in this way.
Adhesion is achieved by applying Miracle Base fluid, which ensures the adhesion of the product and prepares the nail bed. If you are not sure, you can apply the liquid to your nails twice. After application, let it air dry for a few minutes.
We can apply gel varnish to the nails prepared in this way.


Apply to the prepared nails in a thin layer of Rubber Base. This base gel is applied in one extra thin layer, which is polymerized in a UV / LED Mini Lamp for 30 sec. Then we apply the second layer, which can be thicker. Let it cure in the lamp for 1 min.
We apply Mustang color gel in two thin layers, each of which is allowed to cure in the lamp for 1 minute.
As a final layer, use the NO WIPE finishing gel in a thin layer, which will create a wonderful shine on the nails. We polymerize for 1 min.
As a final stage, use a perfumed oil on the cuticle.
Remove with a file.


Pay attention to the thorough preparation of natural nails – this will prevent unnecessary sagging.
If you find unevenness on the substrate, gently sand them with a file, clean with Cleaner and apply a colored gel. This can happen especially to beginners.
If you feel that the Rubber Base is too thin, feel free to apply more extra thin layers. Don’t worry, you will gain skill in the application over time.
Do not wipe the finishing gel with alcohol – Cleanrom.

The composition and volume of the products can be found on the packaging.

For professional use.

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