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UV Builder Gel – Heathy Nude

UV Builder Gel – Heathy Nude

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UV Builder Cold Gel – Heathy Nude STOP BURN


The unique STOP BURN or STOP BURNING line guarantees your customers the highest comfort of nail modeling. The fantastic version of the modeling gels does not burn even in thicker layers. The consistency of these gels is thicker, heavier and therefore ideal for modeling without sawing. It does not flow into the nail bed. After polymerization, it ideally adapts to the shape of the natural nail while protecting it from heat. What is fantastic about this line besides the burning sensation? Substances that are also used in natural cosmetics products were used as preservatives. These have antifungal effects and prevent the growth of fungi and yeasts in the gels. This line is, inter alia, enriched in hydrolyzed protein.

  • Modeling without sawing – NO FILE SYSTEM
  • Antifungal effects
  • Contains hydrolyzed protein
  • Formaldehyde-free

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