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UV Gel Fibre 2IN1 – 5ml

UV Gel Fibre 2IN1 – 5ml

In stock

UV gel FIBRE 2 in 1

Designed by professionals for professionals! It provides avery good adhesion to the natural nail or tip. Very popular as a SCULPTING GEL too. Clear UV gel using special technology focuses on superior adhesion for extremely long or troubled nails. Ultra strong fiberglass contained in the gel is activated under the UV lamp during curing. Very strong and flexible UV GEL does not flow into the nail bed.Gel is ideal for modeling of Stiletto nails, FIBRE gel has similar properties to acrylic, but offers better flexibility.


It’s high durability and grip is ideal for customer using nails as a „working tool“.

Can be combined with acrylics

Made with an emphasis on the requirements of the most demanding nail technicians , therefore developed using the highest quality of materials.

Colour: Transparent

Curing: 2 min.

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