Natural lines

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Perfect power of NATURE

SPA line

Unmatched Comprehensive care of your entire body is made of quality materials and preztížnych you impresses with its excellent price and unforgettable effect.

Natural ingredients

TRUSCADA covers comprehensive care for body, hands and feet in the form of a few exceptional line characterized by prestigious quality materials, immediate effect and affordability. We focused on creating high-quality products, which is a complex composition of natural ingredients that provide an immediate effect after the first treatment.

Unique beauty treatment

Created are unique treatments that contain extracts of exotic plants and fruits, precious oils and butters. Last but not least, the entire line without parabens and other undesirable substances. Spa provides the ultimate experience and treatment is designed for all Health Centre, mamikúrne and pedicure salons, where not only puts emphasis on treatment, as well as an influx of power and perfect relaxation. The combination of the highest quality, exceptional events and sensual fragrance will bring your customers an exceptional experience.

Lines of sensual scents and special effects

Let us introduce the single lines blended with flair and precision.

Gold Honey line inspired by the breath of blooming meadows, fields and honey is extremely rich in natural ingredients with exceptional effects in vitamins, minerals, honey, flax and urea. The line contains a specific substance for the prevention of mold and excessive sweating.

Essential fruit line in the mixed perfectly with exotic fruits rich in vitamins and precious oils. Deep hydration and regeneration effects are combined with fresh sweetish scent of exoticism.

Lightweight gel consistency Natural line is distinguished with unique anti-aging properties, regeneration and deep feeling of immediate relief from swelling.

Pedicure line includes a number of medicinal ingredients, which play a key role in the professional foot care. Hydrolyzed Keratin is a perfect remedy for damaged nails cobiostab has antifungal effects and other exceptional ingredients and this line will take care of the natural balance of bacterial flora.

We believe that, the variety of these products creates a wonderful SPA rituals in your wellness center or salon and bring many satisfied customers.