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In the last two years, the look on the result of the shape and appearance of the nail has changed significantly, and the natural looking nail with perfect finish is becoming a trend. In addition, full action must be fast and low cost. Rough nails have long since gone out of fashion. Trends are natural-looking gel nails.

World-quality gels

Since 2009, we have brought a revolutionary quality of nail design products to the Slovak market, based on more than 20 years of know-how of a leading laboratory equipped with the latest production technology. We emphasize the quality and safety of all nail gels and other products from our production. The latest technologies and knowledge have helped to create an excellent and modern Prestige line.

Ultra-long life and flexibility

All TRUSCADA gels bring you the secret of beautiful, thin-layered nail modeling with excellent grip while preserving the greatest naturalness. Specialties of our Gels Truscada is their unprecedented ultra-long life that will please every nail designer and her customer. Another excellent property of gels is their excellent flexibility, which makes the modeling easier and adapts to problem nails.

Latest trends in nail design

In addition, our gels follow the latest trends in nail design and constantly strive to adapt to the needs of our clients. Shifting from traditional gels to our brand gels is a significant move towards modern world-class modeling.

Quality for excellent price

Our nail gels offer you:

  • the gentle natural look of the nail that is IN
  • thin application due to the solid and optimum viscosity of our gels
  • fast and perfect hardening
  • all gels are high quality for professionals
  • a simple application that results in a delicate and beautiful honey nail effect


Certificate of manufacturing and producing cosmetic products and products for nail design under the private brand TRUSCADA

Quality management certificate