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UV Gel Rezistant-ex 2IN1 – 5ml

UV Gel Rezistant-ex 2IN1 – 5ml

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Trinitas UV GEL provides perfect and fast modelation of nail extentions with a beautiful high gloss finish.

Trinity is a combination of the best features of all ou UV gels- excellent adhesion, easy modeling and beautiful shine. Gel texture is suitable to use for both natural nails and for extremely long nail extentions and Stilleto. Excellent self leveling properties ensure a minimization of lifting and imperfections. Does not flow into the nail bed.

Trinity combines the unique features of PRESTIGE line GELS

Hypo-allergenic composition

EXCELLENT CONSISTENCY suitable to use as a sculpting gel with nail forms

Beautiful shine

Excellent adhesion


Excellent adhesion – does not flow into the nail bed= easy application

Compatible with acrylic and gel systems-Lak GEL-LAK

It is applied in a thinlayer, thereby reduces the curing time in the UV lamp which leaves the nail looking natural

Does not require further filing



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