Anti-bacterial Gel with Vitamin E 500ml

Anti-bacterial Gel with Vitamin E 500ml

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Anti-bacterial Gel with Vitamin E 500ml

Effective antibacterial gel for hands and feet with high concentration, without using water. It contains up to 70% of alcohol – antimycotic effects are guaranteed in such high concentration. Thanks to capsules with vitamin E and pure glycerin is the skin never dehydrated. Gel is appropriate for usiny after small cosmetic procedures, manicure and pedicure. This extraordinary gel is soft to the skin and the skin is also preserved from bacteria and pathogenic fungi.

Active natural substances: 70% Alcohol, Vitamin E capsules, Glucan, Natural Glycerin.

  • Application: hands ml/g: 2,5
  • Price for HAND-CURE: 0,09 €
  • Application: feet ml/g: 3,5
  • Price for FEET-CURE: 0,13 €
Package: 500ml


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